My pool career began in the fall of 1988 when I followed my girlfriend into Breaktime Billiards in Granite City, IL. I was immediately hooked on wanting to hit those balls into the pockets! I spent every day I could in that pool hall for a couple of years! Within two years, I was entering 9 ball tourneys as a 2 and then someone wanted me on their APA league team as a 2. My team actually made it to the Nationals in Vegas in 1992 and that was the most awesome event that I'd ever seen! I don't even remember if I shot well but we all won a little money from where our team finished. Later that same year, some girls ask me to play on their team in Vegas for the McDermott US Open 8 ball event and our team took 1st place! If ever I wasn't, I was REALLY hooked on tourneys now!

Then I move to Oklahoma in 1992 and live in the same town with a great female competitor who I now get to travel with to ladies 9 ball events. Did I mention that I've had a job this whole time since I began playing? I was a slow learner and way to stubborn to take advice from all those boys wanting to show me something or change my style! I can remember being a pretty good ball maker then and just starting to learn more about cue ball position. So I might have made it to a 5 by the end of 1992. Somehow I took in enough knowledge and won my first McDermott National 9 ball event in Tulsa OK, at the Tulsa Billiard Palace in 1994. From then until now I have been in the top 5 if not first place in most 9ball bar table ladies events that I play.

Staying involved in pressure play at the pool hall has really helped keep me ready for a tourney. I have always been on at least two league teams a week. The leagues have always been 8 ball but it never mattered. It's competition and I want to be in it. In 2000, I was living back in IL and finally learned of an event that, if won, would pay for a spot in a 9ball pro event. I went and I won the spot! I even finished in the top half of the pro event and some people even wanted my autograph! That was amazing! It wasn't until 2002 that I tried to qualify for pro tourneys again as someone was going to sponsor all of my attempts for a year! What an opportunity! I won the 2nd qualifier that I played in 2002. So for the next 4 years, I'm working in the pool room behind the bar and I would get off and spend the rest of the night playing in there.

For the next 7 years, I would be playing in 2 or 3 pro tourneys a year due to both winning qualifiers and getting invited to several pro events when they had sudden open spots. My points earned in the pro tourneys kept me at a decent level for when it came time to fill open spots. My best finish in a pro event is tying at 17th. I was ranked 49 at the end of 2008. In between the pro events, I was ever loyal to the BCA organization. I've taken 3rd in every singles event that I could; the Open, the Masters and the Grand Masters. I've even been on a first place team and on another team that took both a 3rd and a 4th place finish. I finally broke my 3rd place singles streak and took 2nd in the Grand Masters in May of 2009. Some of the best lady players in the world were in that event, too! Even today, I'm still playing in as many events as I can and oh, did I mention that I've been working 40 hours a week for the last 3 years? Yes, I'm tired sometimes, but I love to compete! I could be in your town soon playing in a Saturday event!

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